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These are the top 9 trending tattoo designs for Spring that you need to see

Summer is finally here! Which we all know means warmer weather, beach days and bikinis. Which also means you’re going to be showing off a lot of skin so now is the perfect time to get yourself some new ink to match the season. This season's latest tattoos trends are all over the map, from 3D gems to blacked out sleeves so make sure you book your appointment now to get your new ink. This is the best time of year to get tattooed and be healed up just in time for beach weather!

Here is a list of the top 9 tattoo designs this Spring:

#1. Gems

Gems are becoming more and more popular this year and although we all know this idea is nothing new, UK based tattoo artist Jenna Kerr has developed a more realistic type of gemstone tattoo style. Her style is ultra realistic, creating a 3D design that is undeniably beautiful.

#2. Finger tats

As society evolves, so does our love for tattoo placement that cannot be hidden under a sleeve or shirt. Finger and hand tattoos have blown up and there is no sign of slowing down, especially when it comes to small, delicate pieces, perfectly placed across the fingers.

#3. Planet Stenciling

The new trend surrounding flora tattoos is sure to be a hit this Spring. Ukrainian tattoo artist Rita Zolotukhina has pioneered a completely new way to tattoo. Rather than using hand drawn stencils, Rita dips the flora of your choice in the stencil ink and places it directly on the skin. Once the stencil is on, she tattoos around the lines of the flowers and creates a beautiful and lifelike version of the plant on your skin.

#4. Coordinates

These days everyone wants to travel to new and exotic places. Those experiences are once in a lifetime, so why not get a tattoo of the coordinates or your favorite travel destination? They are small, minimalist and they look really cool.

#5. Delicate Chandelier Designs

This style was one of 2017’s biggest tattoo trends of the year and it has no plans to go anywhere. These intricate designs are delicate and feminine. They often incorporate the look of mandalas, paired with lace and ornamental accents to create a beautiful piece that fits perfectly in its chosen placement. These designs are so versatile and can be personalized anyway you like them.

#6. Permanent Jewelry

Why spend thousands of dollars on jewelry when you can just have it tattooed on you? These designs are extremely delicate and dainty. The placement is what makes them what they are, often found on the hands, wrist, ankle and foot like bracelets and anklets. Which is why they are called “Permanent Jewelry.”

#7. Blackout Tattoos

Not for the faint of heart, these tattoos are exactly what you’re thinking. Fully blacked out pieces that make a very big statement and are often the most controversial tattoo design. These pieces are not easy to remove and impossible to cover up so make sure you’re fully committed before diving in. Blackout tattoos are a great way to cover up a large dark tattoo that you just don’t want anymore. But they are also a great backdrop for white ink tattoos as well. If you’re wanting to be a little more creative, blackout tattoos are a great way to avoid having the same tattoo as everyone else.

#8. Medical Tattoos

One of the newest trends this Spring is medical tattoos. These tattoos are often used to replace the medical bracelet but in recent trends have even incorporated a newly developed bio-sensitive ink created by Harvard Medical School. The ink changes colour with the change in pH levels in your body. As your glucose levels increase the ink changes from green to brown and when sodium level increases the green ink will illuminate. The more dehydrated you are, the brighter the glow.

#9. Small Minimalist Tattoos

Another one of 2017s biggest trends was small, minimalist tattoos. They can be anything from a simple image to a more intricate design. They are discrete and can be easily hidden under clothing. This is another great option for your first tattoo since they are small and simple!

Whichever style of tattoo you prefer this Spring, make sure you check out Zensa's tattoo numbing cream to take the edge off. Also don't forget to follow the aftercare instructions and using Zensa Healing Cream, made of all natural ingredients to help your tattoo heal properly and quickly. Happy tattooing!

Posted May 23, 2018
Approximately 3.8 min. read
By Paige Sierra
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