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Reviews from Artists and Customers*

Zensa is a must-have for all my tattoo procedures
By Little Linda, Tattoo Artist @littlebabylinda
By using Zensa Numbing Cream we eliminate the worst part of getting a tattoo: the pain. Zensa is a must-have for all of my tattoo procedures because the formula doesn’t affect the ink - the tattoo comes out just as we had envisioned.
Great Stuff for Tattoos
By Jared Egge
I was recommended to try Zensa from my tattoo artist. They mentioned this was a new numbing cream formula specialized for tattoos and that it was better than anything else on the market. I was skeptical in purchasing the cream especially since there weren’t many reviews yet but I have to say this stuff works great!!
The ultimate numbing cream
By Anna Lafarciola, Advanced Beauty Clinic
We are extremely pleased with the lasting results of Zensa. Comparable to alternative creams, we find that the 5% lidocaine in Zensa is the ultimate numbing cream. Overall, we think Zensa is amazing!
Have received 100% positive feedback from clients
By Peyman Enshaie, Beautician @luciemeclinic
We have been using and recommending Zensa to our clients for over a year now and have received 100% positive feedback. This is pretty much the best product of it's kind.
Clients like Zensa better than other numbing creams
By Linda Fontaine, Xtreme Tattoo Equipment
Clients have had a great success and like the Zensa better then the other numbing creams.
THE. Best Numbing Cream!
By Heather A. Melancon
This worked SO WELL I couldn't even feel the needle, only the vibration of the machine. Truly amazing! I have already recommended this to people, and have told people I could get my whole body covered in tattoos as long as I have this cream. *I do not leave reviews, but this product truly amazed me!
Zensa allows me to create
By Shaughnessy Keely, Microblading Artist @shaughnessy
Zensa allows me to create while my clients stay relaxed.
It lasts about 2 - 3 hours and they don’t feel anything
By Christine, Skinlabel Tattoo Parlour
We have tons of clients to get tattoos done and a lot of them are afraid from the pain. So we suggest using Zensa before starting the tattoo session and it works great, it lasts about 2 - 3 hours and they don’t feel anything. We would recommend this to anyone!
Works like a charm
By Vlado S
Great for tattoos i used it once didn't feel a thing for 2 hrs ordered another for my next sessions
Zensa numbing cream is great!
By Tammy Norman, Satin Laser Spa
Zensa numbing cream is great! It is less cost, double the numb and my clients love it!
Zensa helps our clients sit a lot better
By Ed Miller, Tattoo Artist @gastowntattooparlour
It helps cut down the time it takes us to complete the appointment. Some of our tattoo artists use it when they are tattooing painful areas such as ribs. Again, it helps our clients sit a lot better.
2 hours no pain at all!
I was terrified of my first tattoo since my friends said it can hurt a lot. I checked out numbing creams online and was worried about whether they actually worked or not. Then a friend told me about Zensa. I decided to give it a try and I sat through the entire 2 hour tattoo without a break! I’m never getting another tattoo without it
Works Great!!!
By Stephen P
This product works like a charm...I put it on using the plastic wrap a couple hours before my tattoo appointment and I felt absolutely nothing for the first hour.
It works quicker
By Jeanne Luca, Esthetician
It works quicker for when I need to apply for services like electrolysis, at treatment time to allow for a little relief on a sensitive treatment area.
*Disclaimer: Results may vary, and there is no guarantee of specific results.
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