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Trust our healing and numbing cream to support your overall health & well-being during procedures like injections. With fast-acting 5% lidocaine and healing natural ingredients, these products can help to create a comfortable environment and support easy recovery for you or your patients.

Zensa Numbing Cream - 30g | Topical anaesthetic with 5% lidocaine
Zensa Numbing Cream - 30g
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Zensa Healing Cream - 60ml | Pharmaceutical-grade relief for skin
Zensa Healing Cream - 60ml
Zensa Healing Cream - 237ml | Pharmaceutical-grade relief for skin
Zensa Healing Cream - 237ml
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Zensa Tattoo Kit - 30g | undefined
Zensa Tattoo Kit
Zensa Microblading Kit - 30g | undefined
Zensa Microblading Kit
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How to Apply
Create a relaxing environment in your next injection procedure with our fast-acting, easy-to-use numbing cream.
How to apply Zensa Numbing Cream for health - Step 1: Clean & Apply
Clean & Apply
Clean the arm thoroughly with an alcohol swab. Squeeze a pea-sized amount of cream directly to an Inject-Safe Bandage. Do not rub it in.
How to apply Zensa Numbing Cream for health - Step 2: Seal
Seal the Inject-Safe Bandage to the patient's arm. Leave on for 10 mins for maximum absorption.
How to apply Zensa Numbing Cream for health - Step 3: Inject
After 10 minutes, remove the bandage and wipe away excess cream. Or, leave the bandage on for up to 12 hours if desired.
Health &
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We’ve taken the pain out of caring for your health & well-being with our topical healing and numbing cream. Our Health Canada- and FDA- approved numbing cream is formulated with maximum strength 5% lidocaine to numb the skin in just 10 minutes before an injection, dialysis and other procedures used to treat pain. Natural ingredients in our healing cream like calendula, shea butter and green tea extract will help to soothe eczema, psoriasis, rashes, and dry, irritated skin. Our healing cream also helps to boost the recovery process.

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