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The ultimate gift guide for the beauty enthusiast on your list

The holiday season is upon us, and you can rest assured that the beauty enthusiast in your life already has a long list of products and services they’ve been eyeing all year. Now it’s up to you to make their holiday beauty dreams come true, and Zensa is here to help.

When shopping for the beauty aficionado on your list this year, remember that a basic eye-shadow pallet or groupon facial won’t have the wow-factor you’re seeking. We’re discussing serious devotees here, meaning these gifts must be top notch.

These are some of the most coveted beauty products and procedures of 2019 and they are sure to make the beauty lover on your list’s heart beat a little faster:

Zensa Numbing Cream -

Today's quest for beauty doesn't have to be synonymous with pain. With everything from laser hair removal, to freckle and lip blush tattoos, botox, fillers, microneedling facials and more, a numbing cream is a must.'

Zensa Numbing Cream is the best topical anesthetic on the market for tattoos, laser hair removal and permanent make-up procedures. Its all-natural, cruelty-free and vegan. Its contains 5% lidocaine, the highest percentage available without a prescription. It can even be used on sensitive areas like the bikini line so if someone on your list loves to wax, help them have a pain-free experience this year with Zensa.

Cost: $54

Beauty Fridge -

One of the most unique beauty trends this year has got to be the very chic and certainly indulgent beauty fridge. This is one of those items that every product lover wants but would likely never buy; due to its cost and the fact that most people have perfectly fine full-sized refrigerators in their kitchens. But truthfully, some skin care products do need to be refrigerated and why not keep them a charming mini fridge in your bathroom rather then next to your carbonated beverage?

Cost: $50-$150

Microblading -

Microblading has become one of the biggest trends in permanent make-up procedures over the last few years. If you’re constantly catching your beauty maven searching brows online, or studying people’s faces for long periods of time, chances are they are looking to enhance their own features. Help get them achieve the brows of their dreams with a gift certificate for microblading services.

Cost: $400-$1000

Microblading kit -

If someone on your list is a Microblading Specialist our Microblading Kit is everything they need for a stress and pain-free microblading session with their next client. This is pre- and after-care in one kit. It contains a full-size tube of Zensa Numbing Cream, 2 alcohol swabs, 2 airtight wraps, 2 5ml sachets of Zensa Healing Cream and 4 micro brushes.

Cost: $54


Tattoo Kit -

Never let the tattoo addict on your list have a painful tattoo experience again. The Tattoo Kit contains both pre- and after-care: One full-sized tube of Zensa Numbing Cream, 2 alcohol swabs, 1 tegaderm for airtight wrapping and 2 5ml Zensa Healing Cream sachets.

Cost: $54


Jade roller -

It’s safe to say jade rollers have become one of the most popular beauty tools this year. Jade rollers are said to sculpt, tone and firm skin. They boost circulation, enhance the appearance of your skin, improve elasticity, reduce puffiness, minimize fine lines and detoxify your skin. They also help other skin care products penetrate better into your skin.

Cost: $20-$40

Tattooed Freckles -

Tattooed freckles are a new semi-permanent trend in tattooing that provide realistic results that last 1-2 years. The same pigment that is used in microblading is used for tattooed freckles. If the beauty maven in your life has been seeking a new look, tattooed freckles may be the answer to your holiday gift gifting needs.

Cost: $150-$300

Zensa Healing Cream -

Zensa Healing Cream is the go-to moisturizer for the beauty lover on your list. It’s the best after-care for tattoos and permanent make-up procedures. It contains medicinal properties that help reduce redness and speed up the healing process.

Does anyone on your list suffer from eczema? Zensa Healing Cream is all-natural and contains ingredients like aloe and calendula oil that help relieve itchiness and dry skin caused by eczema.

Cost: 60ml $25 or 237ml $75

Bath Bombs -

You can never go wrong buying a beauty addict a new bath bomb. They make the perfect stocking stuffers and you can never have too many. A bath bomb is a thoughtful way to remind someone that it's time for some self care. Taking a bath can be one of the best ways to relax after a long day and a bath bomb adds that little extra care. Choose one with aromatherapy or essential oils, or purchase a box with many different scents and colours.

Cost: $5-$30

Posted Dec 05, 2019
Approximately 3.3 min. read
By Paige Sierra
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