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The top 7 trending tattoos for Fall 2019

When the weather changes, so do the trends of the season. Fall is quickly approaching and that means it’s prime time to get tattooed. Cooler weather means factors like sun and sweat won’t affect your new tattoo, allowing it to heal quicker with less chance of infection. We also know tattoos can be painful so we always encourage using Zensa Topical Numbing Cream before you get yourself one of these top 7 trending tattoos this fall:

1. Small Hand Tattoos

Hand tattoos used to be an automatic job stopper. These days it has become extremely popular to have small detailed tattoos on the fingers or side of the hand. Keep in mind that hand tattoos are extremely painful. Make sure to numb with Zensa Numbing Cream 30-40 minutes prior to your appointment.

2. Geometric tattoos

Geometric tattoos come in all forms. They can be large and extremely detailed or small with simple symmetrical linework. They are made by creating a continuous pattern that is precise and detailed. The process can often take hours, using Zensa Numbing Cream can keep your skin numb for up to 2 hours, keeping you comfortable during the entire process.

3. Hip Tattoos

The hip is a great spot for a tattoo of any shape or size. It's one of the larger areas on our body and easily fits anything from a small delicate piece to larger scale designs.

4. Linework Tattoos

This year people are staying away from bold lines and bright colours and giving black linework tattoos their day in the spotlight. The minimalist detail is what makes these tattoos truly unique.

5. Detailed Flower Tattoos

Flowers have always been a popular tattoo but Fall 2019 is all about the tiny details and we are seeing a lot of them.

6. Rib cage tattoos

The rib cage area provides a unique shape that makes for a great opportunity to play with curved shaped tattoo designs. Ribs can be an extremely painful place to tattoo and some people find it hard to sit through the entire session. Numbing the area with Zensa Numbing Cream means you're less likely to move around from pain, making the process easier for you and your tattoo artist.

7. Minimalist tattoos

Fine lines and simple designs are what makes a tattoo “minimalist”. They can be anything from a small wave depicted by a curved line, to the outline of tiny flower.

Posted Oct 31, 2019
Approximately 1.8 min. read
By Paige Sierra
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