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Eight Of The Most Painful Places To Get Tattooed

If you have ever been tattooed, you have more than likely been asked the question: “Did it hurt?”. Ninety nine percent of the time you say no, because even if it did, you know the pain is completely worth having a dope, new tattoo. Then there’s always that rare occasion someone points to one of those tattoos you love that caused you just a little bit too much pain and the memories of sitting on the tattoo table cringing from the pain come rushing back to you.

We all know some places hurt way more than others when it comes to tattoos. So if you are planning on getting some fresh ink, or diving into your first tat, here are 8 parts of the body that tattoo collectors claim are some of the most painful areas to get inked up:

1. Hands and fingers

Most people will tell you this is one of the worst spots. The small bones in our hands and the thin skin can be extremely sensitive to the sharp needles.

From 1-10 on the pain scale, we rate the hands and fingers about an 8


2. Ribs

It’s safe to say it’s unanimous that the ribs may be one of the very worst and most painful places on the body to get tattooed. It’s pretty much just bones.

From 1-10 on the pain scale, we rate the ribs a hard 10


3. Stomach

All that loose skin on the stomach makes for a very uncomfortable and painful tattoo session. Try not to flex and keep yourself as relaxed as possible.

From 1-10 on the pain scale, the stomach is another solid 10


4. Elbow

We all know how it feels to hit our funny bone. Now imagine a needle digging into the tip of your elbow bone for a few hours…

From 1-10 on the pain scale, we rate the elbow at an 8


5. Knee caps

See #4. Knees are just as painful, if not worse than the elbow. All that hard bone and loose skin does not make for an easy tattoo.

From 1-10 on the pain scale, the knee is a definite 9.


6. Bottom of the foot

You have to have a high pain tolerance to get this spot tattooed and it’s probably not the best spot if you are at all ticklish.

From 1-10 on the pain scale, we rate the bottom of the foot a bearable 6.


7. Armpit

There are some awesome opportunities for a cool tattoo in this area, if you can handle the pain.

From 1-10 on the pain scale, the armpit is another hard 10.


8. Butt

This may very well be one of the most sensitive areas of the body. From the fleshy skin to all the nerves and tendons, the butt is a real pain to get tattooed.

From 1-10 on the pain scale, the butt comes in at a 9.


All tattoo collectors would agree that the pain is worth the final product, but that doesn’t mean you have to put yourself through torture to get the tattoo you want. Zensa’s Tattoo Numbing Cream will put your mind at ease for when you finally consider that piece you’ve been wanting on your ribs, or the sick hand tat you have been debating for months. The cream does not affect the ink in any way and is safe to use on sensitive areas like the butt and face. The numbing lasts 2-3 hours so you can stay comfortable the entire time. Some fall asleep. Zensa makes any tattoo or cosmetic procedure bearable, so you don’t have to put up with the pain.

From 1-10 on the pain scale, we rate Zensa a hard zero!

Posted Aug 22, 2018
Approximately 2.4 min. read
By Paige Sierra
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