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5 tips and tricks for a pain-free flu season

Winter is coming and we all know what that means...flu season is about to rear its ugly head upon us. And let’s be honest, flu shots are painful no matter what our age. But they can be especially painful for those who suffer from needle phobia - a fear of medical needle procedures - which often stems from childhood. Children in Canada receive about a dozen vaccinations before the age of six, and if needle phobia starts at a young age it often carries over into adulthood.

Zensa Numbing Cream understands that pain associated with the flu shot can be daunting. A reported 7% of adults in Canada avoided the flu shot last year because of needle related fears. That’s why this year, Zensa has teamed up with major pharmacies like Rexall and London Drugs across Canada to help demonstrate to Canadians that needles can be a pain-free experience.

If fear of needles is holding you back from getting necessary vaccines like the flu shot, here are 5 tips and tricks to a pain-free flu season:


1. Use a topical numbing cream

Zensa is here to help. Starting this October, pharmacists at Rexall and London Drugs across Canada will be offering to administer flu shots with Zensa Numbing Cream, a topical anesthetic that desensitizes the skin for a pain-free flu shot. It uses 5% lidocaine, the highest percentage you can buy over the counter. It also absorbs quickly and is safe to use on children 2+ years of age. Have your pharmacist apply the cream 10 minutes prior to receiving the shot, for a pain-free, worry-free experience.

2. Relax your muscles

Tense muscles cause fibers to bunch up tightly, creating a tough situation for the needle, as it has to break through the compact mass. When muscles are relaxed, the needle will slide between the fibers with ease. An easy way to relax your arm is by putting your hand on your hip like you are posing for a photo while getting the flu shot.


3. Lead by example and talk to your child about needle phobia

If your child has a fear of needles, discover where their fear comes from by talking about the situation while avoiding negative talk, and find options for ways to reduce anxiety surrounding vaccinations.

Lead by example when getting the flu shot. Children love to mimic adults, so show them how easy it can be by staying calm and offering positive reinforcement during the process.

4. Drink lots of water before and after the shot

Hydrated muscles recover from injections and take the inoculation more effectively than dehydrated muscles. Water also acts as a buffer while your body is busy building antibodies for the vaccine. Ultimately..the more water you drink, the better you will feel.


5. Choose to get the shot in your non-dominant arm

If you’re right handed, ask for the shot in your left arm. The arm you use more often is likely to feel more discomfort from the vaccine than your non-dominant arm. Tell the pharmacist which arm you prefer to have the shot administered to.

Posted Oct 10, 2019
Approximately 2.1 min. read
By Paige Sierra
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