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Because your skin deserves the best — we designed our topical healing and numbing creams with natural ingredients that are proven to ease pain during your next procedure.


We’re a team of dedicated individuals who are committed to creating high-quality products that artists and customers alike can rely on. We’ve sourced the best natural ingredients to deliver optimal results before and after painful procedures. We are proud to introduce you to our Health Canada- and FDA- approved solutions.

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Why Zensa

Our numbing cream is created with 5% lidocaine and anti-inflammatory ingredients like Vitamin E for quick activation and healing. We perfected our formula to allow the numbing lidocaine to perform at the maximum level, making it the most effective option available on the market. This formulation is pH-neutral which means it can be used on the most sensitive of skin and contains no vasoconstrictors so won’t impede the ink settling process during tattooing or microblading procedures.

We love our vegan and steroid-free healing cream for everything from post-procedure recovery to irritating skin conditions like eczema or sunburns. The combination of grapefruit essential oil, calendula, shea butter and green tea extract promotes healing, relieves itching and reduces scarring.

A word from our president

“It takes hours of hard work, unrelenting passion and an extreme attention to detail to become an artist. I believe that this same level of care should go into creating the products these professionals use every day. We created Zensa to offer high-quality, effective solutions designed with the artist in mind.”

Hussein Lalani, Creator of Zensa Skin Care

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